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wants to represent you as an elite refined escort companion. We want to help you navigate your way through every aspect of this business and gain financial independence. As former entertainers we know what it takes to be successful. All our years of knowledge will ensure your time with us brings you happiness, prosperity, and an affluent life style. We want all of our future companions to feel fully supported and know that their thoughts, insights, and opinions matter. We want to build an agency of inclusivity, trust, integrity, and honesty. Our goal is to revitalize this industry and have all companions we work with feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. You will NOT be just another escort at Discreet Dolls! You will be welcomed into a warm family-like business.

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We will be your liaison and introduce you to VIP clientele that want to build special connections with you. You deserve representatives that always have your best interests in mind and that respect you. In order to guarantee a high standard of service not only to our companions but to our clients we personally look after every single detail. Everything from travel planning, booking, security, client screening, online marketing, photoshoot concepts, photoshoots and financial advice will get our personal attention. We are here with you every step of the way. Whether you are new to the business, working independently or currently working at another agency, we are open and excited to work with you.

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Our commitment is to create a positive, drama free, safe and loving work environment. We want all of our Dolls to take comfort in knowing that we are working hard for them. You will never feel like you’re being under represented as we will be marketing our Dolls daily on all forms of advertising sites and media platforms. We will have ongoing promotions, private events, companion appreciation dinners and much more. These little things can make a world of difference in keeping our companions and clients connected and will definitely be a great way for the Dolls to enhance their relationships with their clients.

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Discreet Dolls wants to work with ladies that are 19 and over of an elite standard that take pride in themselves, their appearance and their profession. All companions strive for quality over quantity, but need to be ready to present themselves in a way that attracts this type of client. While physical beauty is the first thing that piques a client’s interests, it’s everything else that will have them returning to you exclusively. It’s the fine details that are most important in building deeper interesting connections with every single person you meet and will set you apart from others. If you are fresh faced, outgoing, active, sensual, have a positive attitude and want to enhance your life, then Discreet Dolls is the right place for you. Our screening process for clients is thorough but non-invasive and we aim to use the same standard when selecting the ladies that we work with.

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