Our Clients

" Be someone kind and considerate, and you will be admired. "

- Notes from Nora

Being kind and considerate

can go a long way. That’s especially true when engaging in a fantasy with someone you haven’t met or this is perhaps your first time trying something new. To help make your experience stress free we wanted to help provide guidance around your expectations. We listed some tips to be mindful of when arranging a date with one of our companions.

Respecting our companions privacy

Respecting our companions privacy anonymity is the same discretion that will be extended to you. Please do not ask our companions for any personal information or seek it through any other means. If this policy is not adhered to, we would have to refuse future services. Respecting boundaries is of the utmost importance for our clients and the Dolls.

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Please be considerate of our companions time.

Appointments should be booked when you are sure about your availability/schedule. If your schedule is one that can have a lot of volatility that could result in cancelled appointments then please book the day of the appointment you are seeking and not prior. We appreciate that things happen that are unexpected and can be out of your control, we will be understanding in those instances.

Please expect to see the companion check in and out with the agency via text message.

This is a vital part of the safety precautions we have in place and assist with keeping track of the time that is booked. It’s important to be considerate of their schedule by not asking for extra time or by trying to get free time. This request puts the companions threat in an unnecessarily awkward position. If you are seeking to extend your time please contact the booker directly and we will advise you of your companion’s availability.

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Preparation for time spent with you.

Our Dolls are confident in the care and attention they put into themselves in preparation for time spent with you. They are seeking a fun experience with someone who has given themselves and their hygiene that same kind of consideration. In cases where you are hosting a companion at your residence or hotel please allow a few minutes for her to freshen up at the start and end of your time together. When visiting a companion at her place we ask that you also freshen up at the beginning of your encounter. Always remember that when hosting your home/hotel should be a habitable and welcoming environment.

All donations should be presented to your Doll

upon arrival

All donations should be presented to your Doll

upon arrival

We will have to refuse services to clients who abuse substances.

By abuse we mean not being in control of your faculties and actions. We are trying to arrange a safe encounter for all parties involved and the companions MUST feel safe. Companions may choose to engage in an alcoholic beverage with you, but always maintain the right of refusal. Please ensure when meeting a companion with a beverage that the bottle is unopened for the companion's peace of mind.

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